Scary men on trains

This blog has been very quiet recent. I guess it’s a symptom of my current disease; writing thesis-itis. It’s quite hard to do the background reading required after the high of publishing a paper that I’m quite proud of.

I did take time off to go an visit my girlfriend for her birthday though. I foolishly admitted to her dad, who she is staying with at the moment, that I’m allergic to dogs (and by extension even more so to cats) and within 48 hours of me leaving he’d bought her a “surprise” cat. Inspired! I’m now allergic to my girlfriend, but that is another story. The story that I was intending to tell is set on the train on the way home. I was happily reading a magazine in the window seat when some huge, fat guy came and sat down next to me and started to read a really bad tabloid. Fair enough, I was tired (I usually chat to people on trains it’s a quirk of mine) and he didn’t seem to want to talk so we just ignored each other. He folded his newspaper, took out his train ticket and stared at the top of my head (or a point just above it – I’m not sure) and wrote something on his ticket which he then put away. Weird. Then a bit later he got his ticket out, repeated the staring and wrote some more. I’m not sure what was happening but it was quite unnerving especially when it happened yet again.

Still, he didn’t kill me and eat me so I guess the moral of the story is that if people develop a fascination with the top of your head and start to write notes about it then it isn’t always fatal. Other than than I’m not sure what to conclude.