Brad doesn’t suck.

So I’ve dipped my toe into the online-drm-free-music market. I decided to have a poke around because I didn’t need a subscription and because I could get the music I bought in the format I really wanted: Ogg Vorbis (it’s available in other formats too including MP3,FLAC and WAV).

I had a brief look around the site (you can listen to all the music via their flash player) and quickly found an album I really liked and bought it: “I don’t what I’m doing” by Brad Sucks is extremely impressive.

Magnatune describes Brad Sucks as sardonic indie rock. It hasn’t changed my life but it is a great album; every song is good. I’ve thought a bit about how to try and describe it; “Sick as a dog” reminds me a little of the Presidents,”Look and feel years younger” reminds me a bit of Depeche Mode’s “Barrel of a gun” and a few of the other songs have the feel of REM’s Up album. That last sentence proves that I’m no music reviewer – it gives an inaccurate feel of what the album is like. Instead of watching me struggling to describe it I think you ought to listen to it yourself – the first track that you’ll hear (“Making me Nervous”) is probably my favourite.

The official Irregular Verbiage rating is 8/10. That might seem harsh given my glowing praise but I plan to listen to more music from Magnatune and from Brad Sucks and I want scope to award higher marks once this blog becomes the definitive place to read clueless reviews.

(Technically having bought it from Magnatune, I’m allowed to give the music to three other people but I plan to waive that right – you can listen to the music for free on their website and seeing as they seem to live up to their “We’re not evil” slogan, I’d love to see as many people as possible buy the album.