Comment Spam

For a blog with such a tiny readership, there seems to have been a lot (10 a day?) of attempted comment spam recently. I’m running WordPress and it queues for moderation any comments that it thinks are suspicious. It’s caught all of them I think but my blog is not the only one affected and people are starting to get annoyed by it.

It is clearly on the rise, I use the excellent to read blogs and it maintains a list of URLs that a lot of blogs have linked to recently. Over the last few days either a lot of people have got into online poker at dubious websites or some people aren’t keeping their blogs clean. Both WordPress and Moveable Type (and, I suspect all the other major blog software) are capable of dealing with this rubbish so hopefully people will get their spam filters turned on as it becomes more of an issue and the spammers will give up on sites that do. Okay, it won’t happen but I can dream.