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I will submit

I have printed my thesis, it it currently being soft bound. I will submit it in about 20mins. I then intend to find a pub. Expect much more blogging…. the project I’ve spent the last four years on is nearing completion (there is still the small matter of having an oral exam on it in about a months time),

To say I am happy is an under-statement!

Think before you write!

The folks who write Mozilla and Firefox have long been debating whether to support MNG animations on webpages (they would be the only browser to do so as far as I know). They’ve come up with a new simpler format called APNG that’s being discussed as the moment. Gerv wrote an article on his blog about it which I read quickly and thought he was being much harsher about APNG than he was and wrote a comment on his blog before really reading it. D’oh

I guess the moral of the story is think before you write, which could also apply to blog entries when I write verbiage like this. Ah well….

GMail invites

Currently I have a few to give away, if you want one then leave a comment with your email address.

Half-way there

I’m busy writing my thesis at the moment which is why this blog is semi-dead, I guess you could say that it’s in a coma as it should recover when I finish (my thesis is due to be finished on the last day of this month!) I think at the moment, I’m about half way through the things I have to write, September is going to be a very busy month.

Meanwhile, there’s been an interesting experiment concerning Wikipedia. I use wikipedia a lot (and have made some edits) but they could always do with more volunteers! As the experiment shows it is possible to insert subtly wrong information and it won’t be detected which is a shame as earlier, less subtle attempts have failed.

It’s not going to stop me using wikipedia, and given enough volunteers checking the entries this problem will be minimised but it does make me wonder about the possible merit of a scheme whereby trusted, experienced contributors become designated “moderators” and text that hasn’t be approved by a moderator is designated differently somehow (e.g. italic or different colour or something).

Still I guess the guys in charge know what they’re doing and so far they’ve created a great resource, more power to their elbow.