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Worst Error Message in the World

My girlfriend uses Linux on the desktop. She has a USB printer which causes her intermittent problems. Gnome must win the award for worst error message in the world.

Printing of <filename> on printer <printer> was aborted.
You may want to find out why.

It’s cruel but it always makes me want to giggle when I hear her shouting at the computer: “Yes! I would like to find out why!” I ought to raise a bug in Gnome….

It’s good to be back.

For nearly three months my broadband supplier (who probably ought to remain nameless) managed not to supply me with broadband. As a geek completely addicted to the internet it was really painful, especially as I was working on a little web application in my spare time which had to be completely put on hold.

I’m back now and gosh, it’s good to be here. Expect more soon!