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Travel isocline maps

The mysociety people have just created a set of maps that show lines of constant (travel) time from Edinburgh, Cambridge and London. A website that allowed you to generate similar maps for a location that you gave it would be cool (and really useful when moving house etc.)

(Via Guardian)

A DWARF and a butterfly

The rest of just got a make-over – it now uses some custom code to create a windowing system in Javascript! There are still loads of bugs but now I’ve taken it live, I’ll be more motivated to improve it.

The windowing system is not yet ready to host something as complex as a blog so I thought I’d find a fresh new theme to celebrate (I didn’t write the theme – it’s called Papillon by Beng Hafner).

I seem to have been posting about 1 entry per release of WordPress at the moment though I think that’ll increase now that the rest of the site is less 1997.