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Robot Butler

If I can’t have a robot butler then I want a Roomba 530 (Luis should be on commission).

Unfortunately, we only seem to be able to get the older models in the UK at the moment and the official UK distributor’s web site isn’t the most confidence inspiring thing in the world so I think I’ll wait for a bit

Hackable robotic hoovers….. woo!

Some Heart

Some heart once pregnant with celestial fire.Thomas Grey
Em stood in a grey world

Em’s had a tough couple of weeks, being sick all the time started to get her down a bit and the world seemed a little grey. She seems to have been a little better the last couple of days though and we’ve made the most of it. Yesterday we went out for dinner followed by a film.

The film we saw was A Mighty Heart – hardly a feel-good film but absorbing and moving. This isn’t the first time we’ve been out recently; as well as coping at work Em came to see Kent Duchaine (who was excellent live) and we also recently saw Run, Fat boy, Run