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EeePC or Food?….Hmm

Em and I were in Toys R Us yesterday evening (for baby things) and we saw a huge display for the EeePC sub-notebook. Later, that night the following conversation took place.

Em: I’d like one of those Eee PCs, I don’t have a laptop at the moment.

Me: Hmm I consciously haven’t been suggesting getting one, I’m not sure a laptop fits into our budget at the moment. (With Em on maternity leave, we have a slightly more well-defined budget than usual)

Em: Maybe we can trim the food budget?

Me: We probably shouldn’t starve the baby for a laptop.

Em: I wasn’t thinking of starving the baby; I was thinking of starving you.

Further discussions ensued. We’ll probably get one sooner or later (woo!).

In other news the baby swing that we went out to buy is already proving its use as an automated dad. Previously one of the best ways to get Katie to sleep was to swing her gently in a car seat. The swing removes all the sweating from the process.