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VMWare and SELinux

So is blog is basically dormant but I’ve been struggling with a computer problem and now I have the solution I wanted to document it. I’ve been trying to make VMWare Server 2 work on my Fedora 9 box; I could get to the log in prompt but once I tried to log in, it just said “connecting” until it finally timed out.

It’s taken me ages to find the solution, I’d read that VMWare Server 2 didn’t work well with SELinux but I’d assumed that couldn’t affect me as the boxes I’d tried it on (32 and 64 bit) both had SELinux in permissive mode. It turns out that permissive mode isn’t enough – to make it work you have to disable SELinux entirely.

I don’t understand it – in my limited understanding of SELinux I thought that it wouldn’t block anything in permissive mode but I’ve tried disabling SELinux and it works; so for now that’s what I’m going to do.