To beat an addiction, first you must admit that you are addicted.

Early last week, whilst repairing some elses phone connection, a BT engineer shut the line that leads to my house in the door of the junction box only a few hundred metres from my door. Instantly we lost internet and phone access. For an internet-addicted geek like me that was traumatic. No more blog-reading. No more working on DWARF. Did I go out and play in the sunshine for a few days? Nope. I started playing a (free) computer game: Battle for Wesnoth. Gah! Even now my internet is back, it’s still sucking up huge amounts of my time.

If someone asked me. “Do you spend much time playing computer games?”. I’d usually say no, but it’s very sporadic. I don’t play anything for a few months then for one reason or another I start and that’s it – no free time for a week or two.