A rant from a chilled-out entertainer

The lack of entries in this blog over the last few days has been mainly due to Blog:Vote. Writing the entries themselves doesn’t take so long but I’ve been reading a lot more blogs than usual looking for entries to link to and that takes time. I think I’ll leave the next entry another 24 hours or so, hoping that people will point out some interesting pieces. My life would be a lot easier if there was a search engine for blogs that you ask to just search for a certain term in blogs based in the UK. It wouldn’t be a complete solution, lots of blogs written by British people are hosted in the US but it would be a start. Answers on a postcard.

Away from the computer its been a good few days, although I did drink too much on Friday night and had had a bit of a headache yesterday morning; I also got into a heated debate about whether philosophers were a waste of time. Between that and all the politics its been really high-brow around here recently. I think I need to watch an action movie, preferably one without too much plot.

Last night (well the early hours of this morning) I watched some of the early episodes of the Office which a friend had on DVD. It’s funny but I really do hope that there’s a bit of David Brent in all of us because, there’s certainly a large part of him in me, it would be scary if I wasn’t such a chilled-out entertainer.

Lots of people are blogging about software patents. I really tried to find an entry in favour of them to link to in Blog:Vote but I failed. With such a one-sidedness of commentary on the net I’m tempted not to add to it, but it’s one issue where I definately have a strong bias so I’m going to have a bit of a rant so that I’m not keeping my biases hidden. On the other hand, there are definately (for the electorate at large) more important issues in the election, so that should probably be the last time that Blog:Vote mentions the subject, I guess it depends what the blogdom/blogosphere (whatever!) is writing about.

I’ll put the software patent rant on a separate page so you can skip it if you want and so I can link it it easily. With all this writing it’s definately time to step away from the computer and go outside. I just have an e-mail or two to write first…