Blog the Vote!

As I walked into work this morning I thought that it was sad that the turnout was likely to be so low in the upcoming elections. It occurred to me that the same thing that had nearly worked for Howard Dean, coverage on blogs, might make a slight impact here – and it was at least something that I could actively do. When I got into work I googled for “Blog the Vote” but found that a similar American campaign was using it so, to avoid confusion, this evening I created: Blog:Vote.

At the moment, dear readers, you are the only people that know the site exists – and there’s only a microscopic number of you so tomorrow I intend to email some bloggers that I read and/or comment on their blogs. Hopefully if enough of us start to talk about the elections and write about them in our blogs – we can make a difference, however slight.

Please, if you have a blog, visit the site, have a read, blog about it and link to it – What harm can it do?