Delivery Problems

During the birthing of this blog there was a bit of a complication; there were twins! Blog:Vote was born at the same time. I’ve been really busy at work over the last week or so and that combined with all this politics means that its unlikely I’ll get to write much here for a while. (Though it’s nice to see good things starting to happen on software patents. I guess this blog will get its smack from the doctor and start to cry on June 11th (after the elections).

On the subject of being busy at work, I came into the office today (a sunny Sunday no less!) to try and get some done and while I remembered the key to the building, the key to my office door is sat in my coat pocket at home (I’m using a computer in the corridor outside my office as we speak) – definitely a sign to forget about the equations and go outside into the sun, and not one that I’m going to ignore!