Getting Settled

I just tried to post a comment on the Inside Firefox weblog and it won’t let me. I don’t think I’ve tried to say anything too stupid there before so it must be taking issue with the fact that I was suggesting using Eclipse (with the C++ extension) as a C++ IDE. It can be a bit slow on older hardware but not as bad as you might expect seeing as it is Java-based. Presumably it is even faster if you compile it with gcj as clever people have demonstrated recently. It does still use the gdb debugger as the back-end but the interface is pretty and it integrates nicely with CVS.

Things are going really well at work, I’m really enjoying it. I’m working on an internal IBM project that has a web-based interface as a front-end, so I’m playing with both C and Javascript. At home I now have broadband at the flat and I’m busy catching up with emails and bills and things but will soon start to put some serious effort into B:V. I must also spend some time away from a computer though, I’m almost in front of one 24/7 at the moment