(not) The last train to London

After work yesterday I raced up to London to have a curry with friends from uni. It was a good restaurant (Bengal Village) on Brick Lane – if you’ve never been there before it’s quite an experience. Lots and lots of restaurants in a row – competing for passing trade.  Looking on the web, I couldn’t find a website for the restaurant but I did find this list of recommendations for particular places to try.
Walking back from the train station late at night, I ended up listening to Mark Lamarr’s late night radio 2 show. I loved it. I notice the tagline on the website reads, “The best music you never knew you loved from the last 70 years…”. True in my case. I’d never heard of the band the Ethiopians but I loved their “Last  train to  Skaville”. I was literally dancing down the “mean” streets of Winchester. When I don’t get a chance to listen to this music when it’s broadcast then I suspect I’ll catch up via the internet.