Hello Internet!

My last post in which I complained about Tiscali Broadband and their inability to disconnect me was insanely optimistic though I didn’t realise it at the time. It actually took until last week for them to get the markers off the my line. So for more than 3 months I’ve been without internet access at home. It’s been frustrating and I’ve spent so long listening to the musak that Tiscali play you on the phone while you are in a queue that my IQ has probably halved. My new broadband supplier is A&A, so far they’ve been excellent; really friendly and got us quickly connected. A&A are more expensive that Tiscali but it seems to me that paying 2 shillings for reliable internet access is better than paying 1 shilling for frustration and aggravation.
I’m now going to go and read the 2000+ blog entries I’ve missed – it seems that the internet doesn’t stop when I’m not reading it!