Making millions, saving humanity or ….

Em’s been away for a few days leaving me rattling around, home alone. Did I come up with a scheme to make myself rich? Or a cure for cancer? Erm no…. I watched TV, ate pizza and played through a free trial of Vendetta. It seemed intriguing, your character “improves” at least in part by doing missions. Unfortunately if you’re just starting out you don’t have a choice of many tasks and you can’t “see” harder missions, it would be helpful for people trying out the game if we could see harder missions even though we couldn’t do them.

Will I pay actual money to play more? I’m not sure. It seemed like it could be fun but I know that (at least for a week or so) I’d spend too long playing it and regret all the wasted time. Years ago, I used to live opposite a guy who played computers games but only ever for an hour or two at a time. Whilst this seems healthy I have little will power and am easily addicted.

Ho hum