Today I learned

Day 2 of Winchester Science Festival 2016. It’s an awesome event. If it happens next year: go!

A few random facts that I learned today:

  • The average time between a rabbit being bought in a pet shop and it being taken to a rescue centre is 6 weeks but they live 8-10 years. 
  • Rabbits make two types of poo – one (soft) designed to be eaten – they digest their food twice.
  • I saw an amazing video of a  rabbit attacking a snake.
  • Quite how quickly atmospheric CO2 is rising ‘The pump handle graph
  • In 1800 the UK had a life expectancy of about 40. It was even lower in almost all other countries.
  • At this point we’ll need to do carbon capture (BECS) to keep climate change to 1.5C
  • Deadly Nightshade is called Belladonna (‘beautiful woman’) because the berry juice was applied with a feather to dilate ladies’ pupil and make them look more attracted to a partner. The active ingredient atropine causes hallucinations and larger doses ~1 berry causes death.
  • Botulinum toxin (botox) is one of the most toxic things known to mankind. A pint could kill all living humans. Lethal dose is 1 nano-gram.
  • The placenta has viral DNA, what makes us mammals are genes captured from viruses: Mammals were made by viruses
  • ‘Unqualified’ volunteers have analysed images on the GalaxyZoo website and discovered type Ia supernova which are a ‘standard candle’..which help is measure the distance to other galaxies. You can volunteer time to help a number of science projects at the Zooniverse.

The Zooniverse talk was really inspiring, I’ll definitely be having a play!