A new phone

I’ve mostly caught up on the things I’ve wanted to read on the internet now after the big Tiscali outage. A whole bunch of technology stuff has happened not all of which I’m ready to talk about on the blog yet. One thing I’m talking about (to any geek that’ll listen) is OpenMoko. It’s a phone with built-in GPS, USB, linux and a stack that’s as open as possible. Price tag is expected to be $350, hurrah for the two-dollar pound.

Although I recently renewed my mobile contract, I didn’t get a new phone, none interested me particularly. OpenMoko on the other hand I’m really enthused by, I’d like wifi and an FM receiver but then I’d like a pony too*.

While scouring the internet for as much info as possible on the new phone, I got side tracked by some interesting posts on the blog of Fabrizio Capobianco (CEO of the cool company writing the email/PIM that will come with the OpenMoko phone). Firstly he argues that the reason that Sun chose the GPL for Java is because Motorola had announced they were working on a Apache Licensed Java ME. Secondly he advocates that OSS companies should dual-license their source. As an example, he discusses Oracle offering support for RedHat Linux.

I hope that history will show that dual-licensing isn’t necessary. In order to dual license, you need to ask for copyright-assignment from anyone who offers contributions which is inevitably going to reduce the pool of volunteers, hampering the growth of the community. Hopefully the Red Hat trademark and their reputation as a clueful company will keep the money rolling in for a long time to come.

* = Well actually I wouldn’t but there you go.

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