I’m really enjoying things here; seeing/speaking to all the “rockstars” whose blogs I’ve read for ages is really inspiring.

Lessons from today:

Computers are really passé: Embedded is the new black. Firstly Nokia’s Maemo people are here in force and lots of people seem to have an N800. The Maemo platform is fairly mature now, in contrast the other embedded devices are much earlier in their evolution. A few of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) people are here too and John Palmieri has been giving demos in the foyer. It looks very cool but the guys have great ideas and are very passionate but they have much work to do before the device is ready.

Finally on the embedded front, I had a chance to chat to the OpenMoko people (as well as see the talk). They are friendly and passionate, but the software is still in the very, very early stages (as they very clearly explain at any opportunity). I wish all three good luck but I’m only really in the core demographics for one of them – I’ll definitely be buying an OpenMoko

UI Bling: Marco Muller from Fluendo was talking about Pigment. It looks like it might become a neat way to build swish UI into your desktop programs (C or Python at the moment) but the gtk-integration is not done yet. (And the Windows port is also not done yet).

Python vs Java: It’s interesting to talk to geeks from outside IBM for a while. Inside IBM you hear Web 2.0, Java and C, here fewer people are talking about Java and more people talk about Python. Java still beginning its OSS journey, it’ll be interesting to see if it becomes more common once OSS packages come by default in the distributions.

Pronunciation: Most of the hackers here don’t pronounce GNOME as “Nome” or (cool) “genome”, the accepted pronunciation seems to be “guh-NOME”. Similarly GUADEC is not pronounced gar-dec, it’s definitely gwah-dec.