Because I’m writing this (early) on Day 5, anything I write about Alex’s Pyro Desktop announcement yesterday will already be slightly out of date because plenty of people have already written about it.

However the ripples that Pyro has caused now will be much bigger over time; like Havoc’s talk it caused a lot of debate and discussion. The criticisms seem to be “Firefox adds an extra layer that’s slow” or “It takes forever to get patches into Firefox – we can’t rely on it”. On the other hand it’s obviously a great feature and dove-tails nicely with Havoc’s direction. I need to have a play with it before I really know what I think about it.

In other news, Stephen O’Grady makes a good argument in favour of the Online Desktop that reinforces Havoc’s argument.

As I write this I’m watching a talk with Glynn Foster from Sun demoing DTrace after Federico had demoed SystemTap. DTrace is still better but SystemTap looks like it is getting good too. It’s cool to see how integrated into the community Sun is. There’s a lot of good natured banter between OpenSolaris and Linux going on in the room but it’s all OSS.