Network Effects

It’s been a slightly geeky couple of days. Yesterday I spent a few hours rearranging the network topology around the house. We now have a wireless router allowing easy (DHCP, NATed) access to the internet and separately a little web server (a slug) running on a static IP address ready for a domain (or subdomain) to be directed to it. I’m guessing not many households have two routers and a network switch in their networking set up.

Today I’ve made some updates to the blog – I’ve stopped the Twitter digests (and added a Twitter sidebar to the blog). The digests were inhibiting my Twittering as I didn’t want to create lots of posts with a single tweet in them

Geekery aside it’s been a good couple of days – yesterday Em’s mum came to visit and today we had a walk along the beach at Lepe…..the concept of actual work seems so foreign yet in a short time I’ll be back.