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The Alphabet Game

I’ve been working on a little web-app that I call the “Alphabet Game”. It’s a simple little game where you drag letters on to objects that begin with that letter. It’s at a fairly early stage at the moment – it’ll be much more child-friendly when we add some sound with some HTML5 audio tags.

Eventually I’ll use it with my daughter, Katie. At the moment, she’s a bit young for it though we have had fun pointing out the names of the objects she already knows.

Let me know if you have comments or suggestions.

Some Links

  • Effortless Good: If you’re buying things from Amazon, then installing a little Firefox extension will cause Amazon to pay the referrer fee to charity.
  • I’m having a play with Komodo Edit (which recent changed its license to GPL/MPL/LGPL), I’ve been looking for a replacement for the venerable NEdit for some time but this is the best candidate I’ve found. In particular the features i really want:
    • Search/Replace with regular expressions
    • easy to use block select mode (ideally using the ctrl key)
    • keyboard record/replay
    • tabbed interface
    • Easy to use keyboard shortcuts (i.e. not emacs/vi)

    all seem to be present in a simple UI with syntax highlighting, code folding and everything else you’d expect

  • Best Sellers: I’m very pleased with our eeeps

American Elections

Things are busy here, both at work (I’m doing overtime) and at home (getting Katie to sleep is a intricate art), when I do get a chance, I seem to be reading a surprising amount about the American primaries given that it’s only the build up to an election in a foreign country. Listening to Obama speak is inspiring, it seems that if he wins, the US will have one of the good guys in charge.

On the subject of good guys, given that Lessig has decided not to run for congress in the States, maybe we could get him to run for the UK parliament, though maybe Change Congress has a better ring to it than Change Parliament.

In other news, I’ve been watching quite a bit (much less than Em!) of the excellent West Wing on DVD.

EeePC or Food?….Hmm

Em and I were in Toys R Us yesterday evening (for baby things) and we saw a huge display for the EeePC sub-notebook. Later, that night the following conversation took place.

Em: I’d like one of those Eee PCs, I don’t have a laptop at the moment.

Me: Hmm I consciously haven’t been suggesting getting one, I’m not sure a laptop fits into our budget at the moment. (With Em on maternity leave, we have a slightly more well-defined budget than usual)

Em: Maybe we can trim the food budget?

Me: We probably shouldn’t starve the baby for a laptop.

Em: I wasn’t thinking of starving the baby; I was thinking of starving you.

Further discussions ensued. We’ll probably get one sooner or later (woo!).

In other news the baby swing that we went out to buy is already proving its use as an automated dad. Previously one of the best ways to get Katie to sleep was to swing her gently in a car seat. The swing removes all the sweating from the process.

Holding Katie

In the hospital, when I was handed my daughter, I was incredibly tired. I was full of adrenalin and I was very concerned about the large amounts of blood continuing to pour out of my wife; I’d be lying if I said that I felt a joyous epiphany at that moment.

Days later and things have changed, there is something indescribable about holding your baby girl as she sleeps in your arms or, even more endearing, looks up at you with her big blue eyes. Katie is so vulnerable and trusting, she can sleep in positions that look amazingly uncomfortable. Sometimes, at the slightest disturbance, she will wake and strenuously demand to be fed. Other times, she seems to sleep through anything. As well as the joy and (surprising to me) calming influence holding Katie causes, in the background there is the knowledge that her existence charges me (and Em!) with a huge responsibility – but it’s a challenge that I’m looking forward to.

I’m sure that there will be tough times ahead but for the moment, while I’m spending my paternity leave with my nuclear family, everything is great in the world.