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Katherine Megan Levell

Our baby girl was born on Sunday (7lb 10oz). The birth was fairly complicated but Katie (as she’s known to her friends) is fit and well. At night she’s sleeping for about 45mins at a time which means our sleep is rather disturbed but, as we’re both on leave, that isn’t too serious. (Em’s mum is here looking after us which makes things easier)

There has been a veritable slew of congratulations and status updates – most of which I haven’t replied to (really sorry!) but I’ve (sometimes literally) had my hands full.

There are now baby photos on my Flickr page and I suspect there will be a number of baby-related Twitter updates (so count that as fair warning if you want to unsubscribe).

Robot Butler

If I can’t have a robot butler then I want a Roomba 530 (Luis should be on commission).

Unfortunately, we only seem to be able to get the older models in the UK at the moment and the official UK distributor’s web site isn’t the most confidence inspiring thing in the world so I think I’ll wait for a bit

Hackable robotic hoovers….. woo!

Some Heart

Some heart once pregnant with celestial fire.Thomas Grey
Em stood in a grey world

Em’s had a tough couple of weeks, being sick all the time started to get her down a bit and the world seemed a little grey. She seems to have been a little better the last couple of days though and we’ve made the most of it. Yesterday we went out for dinner followed by a film.

The film we saw was A Mighty Heart – hardly a feel-good film but absorbing and moving. This isn’t the first time we’ve been out recently; as well as coping at work Em came to see Kent Duchaine (who was excellent live) and we also recently saw Run, Fat boy, Run

Mackerel Fishing

Things have settled down a bit after the wedding. Em is still very morning sick, 6 months into the pregnancy but she seems to be coping. I’m nearing the end of a project at work and, as always when the end is in sight for a software project, there seem to be lots of rough edges to be smoothed.

I’m enjoying life at the moment – this week saw a few trips to a coffee shop with a friend trying to teach me me cryptic crosswords and one evening found Em and I being taught to fish for mackerel by my parents. New experiences – and that’s always good, especially when it results in fresh fish for supper.

From left to right, Mum, Me and Em – and yes that is the Needles The sunset was extremely pretty


The main lessons I’ve taken from the conference so far:

  • Developing a “Hello World” XUL app looks fairly straight forward and we can do swish UI in SVG. From the talk by Ian from Songbird
  • For profiling memory usage of an application Exmap is the canine testes. Talk by Tomas Frydrych
  • Buying an ATi graphics card is bad if you’re using Linux. There have been a number of example of problems with their drivers on speakers’ laptops. In contrast, Intel have people here explaining the cool stuff they are writing for Linux
  • Goocanvas looks like it’s quick and easy to use and I’ve been writing some code with it in the gaps here

What I suspect I’ll remember most though is realising I’d slept through a very important phone call from my pregnant wife. The first thing I knew about it was waking up for a second phone call, hours afterwards. Em had been experiencing horrible pain and an ambulance had been called. The doctor thinks it was a trapped nerve and the baby is safe though so it could have been so much worse.